Valora U-Store | Relaunch

It’s always nice to be recommended by someone, particularly when this also leads to an order being placed.
The call from Valora Holding Germany in Hamburg in the winter of 2014 developed into a relaunch project for the U-Store franchise brand in which we once again had the opportunity to create brand worlds in a greater context.

Aside from this, the customer was also pretty much on our doorstep ….

Story continuation:

… and we took part in an award competition for the very first time.
The time frame of only one week to develop the concept was a foretaste of challenges still to come in this project, but everybody here was so caught up in and excited by this commission that the challenges soon morphed into something close to sporting goals and generated a real team spirit.
This was not only rewarded by the enthusiasm of the client, Valora Holding Germany, and its partner, the Hamburger Hochbahn transport company, but ultimately through our first award, the POS Award in bronze from POSMA (bronze in 3 categories).
We are, of course, immensely pleased to win this prize, but also about the numerous press releases resulting from Valora and the U-Store. Valora plans to develop 50 further shops from the flagship store in Hamburg in the near future, and we will be following this with great interest (and more than a little pride).

„Der neue U-Store Lattenkamp ist ein Erfolgskonzept. Wir haben von Anfang an die Begeisterung von Menori Design gespürt, die sich mit viel Kreativität und innovativen Ideen in das Projekt eingebracht haben. Die Zusammenarbeit verlief reibungslos und war von einer konstruktiven Atmosphäre geprägt. Durch die gute Abstimmung und professionale Betreuung konnten wir den Relaunch wie geplant effizient und schnell umsetzen – mit dem Ergebnis sind wir rundum zufrieden. Der Award ist das i-Tüpfelchen“.