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Dolorgiet | Dolgit analgesic cream

Realisation of an explanatory film for user instructions with image character

Dolorgiet Arzneimittel is a medium-sized owner-operated enterprise with its headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The company distributes medicinal products in a variety of indication and therapeutic areas in more than 30 countries all over the world. The improvement of the quality of life of patients is at the core of the Dolorgiet brand philosophy. As a discount agreement partner of many health insurance providers, Dologiet has also dedicated itself to ensuring a particularly economical supply of pharmaceuticals.
The brand agency Menori Design realised the launch of an explanatory film in the form of user instructions (for patients and prescribers) for the non-prescription Dolgit analgesic cream product. In addition to vividly illustrating the mode of action and administration of this product, the explanatory film is also an effective Cleverclip which serves as an image advertising medium.

Visual link to the well-established brand appearance
Menori Design developed a convincing explanatory film which, in terms of significant design features, draws on the traditional appearance of the brand. The well-established Dolgit mascot was integrated into the explanatory film animation as a central link of the visual levels.

Consistent congruence of image sequences and the audio commentary
The thematic sequences correspond in an ideal manner to the explanatory properties of the product. The animation harmonises in an ideal fashion with the product characteristics. Image and sound combine to produce a clarity of content which enables viewers to understand the properties and use of the product clearly and ensures that the brand attributes are easily remembered.