Hier sehen Sie einen Erklärfilm, Cleverclip™ oder Imagefilm der Design- und Markenagentur Menori Design aus Hamburg und New York

Hans Freitag | Krunchette

Development of a Cleverclip for the product launch

The face of the biscuit and waffle manufacturer Keks- und Waffelfabrik Hans Freitag GmbH & Co. KG, located in Verden, is the Chief Executive Anita Freitag Meyer, who fronts this family company with her charming, media-savvy and very successful style.  She maintains a very successful award-winning blog concerned with issues relating to the company’s products (www.keksblog.com).  The company specialises in producing modern biscuit and waffle products based on innovative recipes, emphasizing sustainability and high-quality ingredients.

Menori Design developed the new biscuit brand KRUNCHETTE for a young target group.  The brand agency was also commissioned to produce an animation film for the product launch.

Powerful multi-channel brand identity for product launch
With the slogan “A biscuit goes round the world”, the product launch of KRUNCHETTE was supported by a young and brightly illustrated Cleverclip animation on the subject of “Eating habits in various countries”.  The new brand identity with the attractive brand-new packaging was launched at the same time on various channels such as on Facebook, on the popular manufacturer’s biscuit blog, and at the international Sweets and Confectionery Trade Fair in Cologne.