Hier sehen Sie einen Erklärfilm, Cleverclip™ oder Imagefilm der Design- und Markenagentur Menori Design aus Hamburg und New York

Homann | Schlemmerfisch

Development and production of an expository clip for the product line

Homann Feinkost GmbH has been operating successfully for more than 125 years, over which time it has established itself as a leading manufacturer of gourmet products.  The company is focused on its consumers’ preferences.  The products are produced largely without the use of preservatives.

The Menori Design brand agency was commissioned to develop a clip designed and implemented as a tailor-made communication tool for the sales force.  The innovative product could be introduced to the trade in a striking and efficient manner with the aid of this compelling expository clip.

Menori Design created an expository clip with heart for an innovative product line
Menori Design puts distinctive design of the gourmet fish packaging at the centre of the animation.  Abstracting and reducing the illustrative interpretation gives significantly greater clarity to the overall presentation of the product.  The natural and eclectic style provides that essential dash of emotion.

Menori Design arranges a persuasive animation rhythm
The rhythm of the successive animation sequences corresponds perfectly to the product characteristics to be explained.  The motif sequences form a unified whole with the audio commentaries.  Movements correspond with the spoken sequences. This creates subject-matter clarity that clearly conveys the product benefit to the viewer, whilst leaving room for emotion.