Hier sehen Sie einen Erklärfilm, Cleverclip™ oder Imagefilm der Design- und Markenagentur Menori Design aus Hamburg und New York

Magic Drinks of Tyrol | Franchise

Conception and production of a franchise expository clip

The stylistic brand identity of “Magic Drinks of Tyrol” with its artificial character consciously distances itself from the Alpine cliché in the foreground.  The product line consists of fine spirits derived from high-quality ingredients with an affinity to the Tyrol region.

The brand again originates from Petz Holding, a company steeped in tradition.  The dramatic staging and special brand character pave the way for access to international markets.

Menori Design creates a successful modern and stylish visualisation of the franchise concept
With its clearly accentuated rhythm, the clip presents a professional account of the relevant aspects of the complex issue of franchising.  The accomplished application of creative media by Menori Design eliminates any monotony for the viewer, and complements the didactic component.

Menori Design transposes the “Brand world with magic” into the moving image
Menori Design transfers the dramatic brand staging of “Magic Drinks of Tyrol” to the moving image.  The black background with rising “bubbles” and wide-angle pan shots creates a dynamic field, and a broad horizon to inspire potential franchisees.