Goal Mapping | Explanatory Film

Design of a Cleverclip explanatory film on the topic of goal mapping

The certified goal mapper Annett Schaper warmly welcomes you to visit her extremely interesting goal mapping workshop. Goal mapping is an intuitive tool in the realisation of individual life goals. This technique utilises unique word and image combinations for the stimulation and synchronisation of human brain hemispheres and the differing stimuli that animate them.

The brand agency Menori Design realised a Cleverclip explanatory film which explains the principle and function behind goal mapping in memorable images. In a proven pleasant and illustrative style, the brand agency visualises the potential of this goal setting technique in a striking and inimitable fashion.

The Cleverclip explanatory film from Menori Design gets to the heart of the matter
With a clear explanatory structure packaged in charming image sequences, the complex topic of goal mapping is addressed in a manner which even newcomers find easily understandable.

Goal mapping — concisely and memorably explained in a Cleverclip explanatory film
Goal mapping combines proven principles of traditional goal setting methods with innovative learning strategies. The human subconscious is harnessed in this way in the service of the conscious search for success.