Hier sehen Sie einen Erklärfilm, Cleverclip™ oder Imagefilm der Design- und Markenagentur Menori Design aus Hamburg und New York

Tirol geniessen | Franchise

Conception and production of a franchise expository clip

“Tirol geniessen” is a brand of Petz Holding.  The Petz Group brands all have a strong affinity to the region.  Affinity to nature and love of the Tyrolean region are also key aspects of the brand identity of “Tirol geniessen”.  The appealing visualisation of the brand identity developed by Menori Design is the basis for a strong franchise concept.  The compelling, emotionally loaded brand identity has the potential to open up markets beyond the German-speaking region.

Engaging characters explain the franchise concept of “Tirol geniessen”
Appealing family figures created by Menori Design are accompanied by the discretely projected exposition of the franchise concept.  The friendly ethnic charisma radiated by the figures and the characteristic elements of the corporate design underpin the subject matter with sufficient emotion to keep viewers of the presentation on message.

The cogent visualisation concept is systematically transferred into the moving image medium.  The brand image gains focus and becomes more attractive due do the stringent projection of the visual concept.