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Relaunch and Repositioning of a Brand with a Long Tradition
Poliboy, the market leader, has always been known as a helper and companion in households. This company of long-standing tradition from Lilienthal has continued to develop steadily for 85 years, and it acts at all times with a keen sense of responsibility for human and environmental well-being. Environmental sustainability is lived in the corporate culture and is an important key component.

Menori Design was engaged to reposition the brand with the objective of communicating the subject of sustainability with greater force and awareness. This objective was achieved by means of a new strategic orientation and relaunch of the logo and packaging design as well as through the use of an advertising campaign and a Cleverclip.



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Cleverclip 1

Cleverclip 2

A Brand of Sustainability

Tradition binds people together and creates trust. This awareness prompted Menori Design’s decision to modernise the logo with specific changes and to integrate the aspect of sustainability while taking care not to put the recognisability of the brand at risk.

A clearly structured and leading design helps to enhance the visibility of the packaging on store shelves. This integration of sustainability and the use of familiar elements enabled Menori Design to bridge successfully the chasm between “before” and “new”.

Poliboy — Likeable and Competent

The likeable figure “Poliboy” is an important representative of the brand of the same name. Wanting to give him a new and more powerful image, Menori Design modernised his appearance and gave it a more sophisticated and approachable touch through the fine details.

Poliboy now has a more forceful presence and greater freedom of action, guaranteeing more universal opportunities for his use.