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Quiris | Explanatory film animation series

Realisation of an explanatory film animation series for the Quiris product line

Quiris Healthcare is a midsize health care company that develops innovative plant-based pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements for self-medication. The corporate philosophy focuses on the effectiveness and good tolerability of the high-quality ingredients.

The brand agency Menori Design designed a series of explanatory films for the products “CH-Alpha Gelenk-Gel” and “CH-Alpha Plus” describing their use and how they work. The explanatory films simultaneously serve as advertising that ideally bundles and illustrates the brand attributes of Quiris.

Dr Quiris, the ideal embodiment of the brand identity
Menori Design created the figure of Dr Quiris, a likeable expert, which the company Quiris has registered for protection as an independent brand name. The central animation element, it generates vitality and conciseness for the communication as a whole. The figure creates a strong expert brand identity with potential for the establishment and support of a comprehensive product portfolio.

Reduced presentation and reduction to the essential product features
The reduced form of the presentation causes the essential aspects to gain sharper focus. As a result, the explanatory film achieves the highest level of clarity. The simple, clearly structured sequences illustrate in an uncomplicated and easily understandable way the essential features of the products.