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Roder | Imagefilm

Developing an expository clip on the range of services

Roder GmbH is a traditional company located in Lübeck since 1949 producing high-quality plastic moulding components for the cosmetics industry, safety and medical technology, aeronautical engineering, telecommunications suppliers and the investment goods industry.
Roder supplies both large batches and technically sophisticated special items.

Cogent explanation of the processes and range of services
Menori Design developed a convincing expository clip explaining the range of services and the entire process from the initial customer contact through to successful completion of the product, in any very graphic and humorous way.

Lean depiction for greater clarity
The lean depiction delineates the key aspects more crisply.  This makes the expository clip extremely clear and easy to understand. The typical natural style of the illustrations brings the issues home to the viewer with a wink and with emotion.