Hier sehen Sie einen Erklärfilm, Cleverclip™ oder Imagefilm der Design- und Markenagentur Menori Design aus Hamburg und New York

Tirol geniessen | Image film

Developing an image film for the product family

The brand agency Menori Design provided “Tirol geniessen” with a compelling brand identity, which also provides potential for accessing markets beyond its home region.  Menori Design’s strategic concept created significant sales growth.

The brand agency also adapted the cogent visualisation concept for the moving image medium.

The cosy Tyrolean mountain cabin provides the central motif.  The delightful composition with the appealing family figures strikes a chord with the heterogeneous target group.

Menori Design brings the brand philosophy of “Tirol geniessen” to life
Affinity to nature and love of the Tyrol region are palpable in this expository clip.  Menori Design applies the creative potential of animation with flair, and the graceful vitality of the figures is infectious for viewers.

Bit by bit, the camera homes in on the various figures and peaceful corners of the Alpine world.  Menori Design composes a harmonious and totally individual view of the Tyrolean world of delight and enjoyment, creating a motif setting the stage for a powerful brand identity.