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The POSMA Awards are announced once a year and honour innovative and groundbreaking campaigns relating to the POS in Germany. Along with the recognition at the national level, the Awards stand out for the concentration of diversity and creativity of the participants. This year, our client Valora with the project “New Conceptualisation U-Store” joined us in our participation. And…

Drum roll and applause!

We were jointly awarded three bronze meals and are delighted to have been honoured in the following categories:

– Retail Trade
– Creative Artwork
– Small Budget, Major Impact

“Small, but oh, wow!” – that thrills us especially! And if you now risk a glance into one or the other of the U-Stores, you may start to notice how the new world gradually appears and accompanies you through your everyday business with fresh vitality!

Congratulations to all participants and winners!

You will find additional information about the POSMA Awards here.